How to Stop Someone From Snoring

Jan 22, 2017

How to Stop Someone From Snoring

How to Stop Someone From Snoring

I’m going to show you how to stop someone from snoring for good based on my experience.

Hi, my name is Ann, I’m 29 and used to suffer a severe case of insomnia for 2,5 years. This was the same period that I had been living together with my boyfriend Franco (yep, he’s Spanish!).

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The situation was frustrating for me, but since I loved my partner, getting rid of him was not an option, so I decided to focus on getting rid of his terrible snoring instead and I finally managed to do it.

This article is for everyone who are suffering from the same problem and want to learn how to stop someone from snoring. I’m sure that what helped me will have a very high odds of helping you as well. PS! My friend had trouble with her snoring dog, this does not work with dogs though.

Constant snoring that wouldn’t stop.

I know that many people snore occasionally, I’ve been told that I do too, but with my dear Franco, the snoring was unstoppable.

As at the time I was studying to become a vet, I spent a lot of time reading and doing my homework and really needed to get a good night’s sleep. With my partner this was out of the question. I tried to get used to it, since I’m a pretty heavy sleeper, but it didn’t work.

I had my good days and bad, but overall the situation was really bad. To be honest, I didn’t too anything for 2-3 years. I just tried to suppress it, but the problem remained. What happened to me was that I become more anxious and lost my temper more easily, I was always tired.

Your life quality is suffering

Overall my life quality suffered immensely and I was really dumb to not do anything about it. I am quite sure that there are many people like I was and due to laziness or not knowing what to do to resolve the issue, don’t do anything and just live with it.

Finally I decided to do something about it and started researching online. First I was looking for natural ways to deal with it. The internet is filled with articles like “how to stop snoring naturally” etc, well let me save you some time and tell you that none of them worked. The situation didn’t improve even a single bit.

So after the natural ways didn’t help I read about other ways and quite frankly I was willing to try everything by now. Luckily Franco was more than willing to cooperate and was also trying to find a solution. He agreed to try everything except surgery (which is claimed to be rather effective).

Trying out what the all mighty Google was suggesting

I stumbled upon an article on, The site has high authority in the health niche so we decided to follow up on their advice on how to stop someone from snoring.

This brought us to our very own case study and what follows is a list of recommendations from and how we went through them until finally found what worked:

  1. Lose weight – well Franco isn’t exactly what you would call a fitness model per se, but losing weight was not something he would have been really motivated to do. And I didn’t thought there has to be another solution.
  2. Exercise – now we goes to the gym regularly and also goes jogging with his buddies occasionally. This could not have been the issue.
  3. Quit smoking – he has been on and off smoking for different periods, at the time he did not smoke so that recommendation didn’t help us.
  4. Avoid alcohol – We only drink occasionally during social events so this wasn’t a viable recommendation in our case.
  5. Establish regular sleep patterns – most of the time (mon-fri) our sleeping patterns were solid, full 8 hours and varied only +/- 1 hour. So again not much to improve on here.
  6. Keep bedroom air moist – we took action and bought an air moisturizer. Tried this for weeks with different inputs. Nothing changed, although we liked the machine, we still use it.
  7. Change your sleeping position – this we had tried in the past. That is easier said than done. Yea, he can try to fall asleep in one position, but before you know it, he would flip to the other side or change position and there I am, awake again at 3:14 am, duh.. Almost lost my temper when reading this.
  8. Sleep on your side instead of your back – basically the same suggestion as number 7. Worthless piece of advice. Wouldn’t even waste (digital) ink on writing this 😀
  9. Do throat exercises – we looked into this and tried, but after a week with no improvement, we didn’t bother to do them anymore.

Try an anti-snoring mouth piece?

Final recommendation from the website was “Try an anti-snoring mouth appliance” – as I ran out of options, this is what we tried as well and finally we found something that worked!!

Thank god, because the next recommendations were surgeries called CPAP, LAUP, palatal implants and Somnoplasty and they were a big no-no for my husband.

So to sum our little experiment up – to answer your question: how to stop someone from snoring and finally have a good night’s sleep – get an anti-snoring mouth piece for your spouse. Seriously!

Snoring still occurs from time to time, but it’s very rare and doesn’t wake me up anymore. I’d say it works 95% of the time. Also he got used to the mouth piece after 2 nights. His tiny discomfort from the mouth piece is minor compared to how much better I sleep, how much happier and more energetic I am. I highly recommend you to try it!

Which mouth piece did we use?

I know that there are many options out there. To be honest, I did choose mainly based on price, because I figured they all do the same thing. I didn’t choose the cheapest one, but it wasn’t the most expensive one either.

After some googling and research I ended up with Snoremeds anti snoring mouthpiece. The device seemed decent and the reviews were really good so I went for it and now my husband has been using it for over 2 years.

I can recommend the same device to you as well. I saw that they sell one for women also so if in your case the wife is the one who snores, choose the ladies model instead.

How does it actually work?

I had the same question, they have a subpage explaining how the typical mouth piece helps to prevent snoring. Read here if interested.

Thank you for reading, I hope you find my story helpful. And please write to me (comment here or via e-mail: if you found my recommendation helpful. I would be glad to receive some feedback.


    Jess January 23, 2017Reply

    Hi Ann,

    How long did it take before you noticed any effects from this?

      annm January 23, 2017Reply


      Well the effects were immediate. Starting from day 1. The only thing that changed was the time that my husband got used to it, which was after 2-3 days 🙂

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